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Scams Target Cooperative Members

11/20/14:  SCAMMERS ARE BACK IN THE AREA... same as the Jan 2014 alert below.
4/29.14:  SCAM UPDATE: Yet another scam has surfaced.  Some co-op members have reported receiving telepone calls offering a free energy audit. The caller may claim to represent an electric co-op and say that the member was selected based on a survey he or she had participated in. No North Carolina cooperative makes such an offer.  It is a scam.  If you ever have any doubts about a caller that claims to be from BEMC, please simply hang up and call us at 800-842-5871. 

Please note: BEMC does have a service that conducts monthly customer satisfaction surveys, but they always identify themselves and no personal account information is ever required. We appreciate your input and participaton in these calls.

January 14, 2014:   URGENT MESSAGE
Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation (BEMC) is warning its members that thieves posing as collection agents for the co-op are trying to steal money and personal information. The scammers are calling co-op customers and telling them that their electricity will be disconnected unless they send payment immediately.  They often target commercial accounts.
  The scammers typically instruct these cooperative members to purchase a pre-paid debit card and either send it to a predetermined address, provide the information from that card over the phone or even bring a payment to another location, not the co-op. 
Caller ID numbers have been spoofed to look as if it is actually the utility company calling.
BEMC will never contact you to obtain account or personal information; if you ever doubt the identity of someone claiming to represent your co-op over the phone, please hang up and call back to your cooperative using the phone number listed on your bill or another official document.
   BEMC urges its members to be aware of this scam and asks that members share this information with family and friends to help put a stop to it

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