Capital Credits

Putting money back in your wallet is part of the Cooperative Difference!
Unclaimed Capital Credits

Over the years, BEMC has returned millions of dollars in capital credit payments to both current and past cooperative member-owners.  Unfortunately, we can’t always find everyone who has earned a capital credit. BEMC maintains a list of these unclaimed capital credits for each member.  To determine if any of these unclaimed amounts belong to you, please check the database by clicking the “Unclaimed Capital Credits” search button above.


Cooperatives are not-for-profit businesses owned by the members they serve.

Each member has an ownership stake in the company in the form of Capital Credits.

While we operate without a profit motive, BEMC must maintain a small margin of revenue above costs. The most significant source of equity for co-ops is the retention of margins from the sale of electricity. After expenses for furnishing your electricity are satisfied, the money left over (the margin) is set aside for you in the form of Capital Credits. These credits are allocated to members based on their purchases from the co-op.

When the Board of Directors authorizes a return of the credits, members eligible for a capital credit return will receive a check by mail. That’s a good reason to be sure we always have your correct mailing address! To verify your mailing address, call 800-842-5871 or email

That’s the cooperative difference!