How to Lower My Bill

BEMC is here to serve you and to provide you the best value for every kWh purchased.

We’ll work with you to help you save energy and keep your energy affordable.

To help you manage your energy budget, we offer a variety of options for paying your bill.

We also provide many tools to help you save energy at your home or business. Check out our tutorials page for videos that show you how to save energy, and click on the links below for more resources.

Resources from Touchstone Energy Cooperatives designed to help you save energy and money:

lower my bill
save money
lower my bill
lower my bill
savings guide

Additional resources:

lower my bill

Home Energy Adventure

Take the Home Energy Adventure Tour to learn about how you can save energy and money at home.

lower my bill

Time-of-Use Rates

BEMC’s Time of Use (TOU) Rates reward members with a lower electric rate for shifting energy-intensive tasks – such as doing laundry, cooking and heating/cooling – away from peak hours. Peak hours are the few hours each day where demand for electricity is the highest and most expensive.

lower my bill

Our Energy Videos

Watch videos on saving energy, from heating and cooling to lighting and insulation. These short clips provide simple, easy to follow tips.