Working for you

Our Mission

To provide our members with safe, reliable, affordable power at the lowest possible cost consistent with a sound economy and good management. We also work with other local, state, and national organizations to promote community and economic development.

Our Business Structure

We are a locally owned and operated not-for-profit corporation, owned by those we serve. The board of directors is elected from the membership and works closely with professional management staff.

The Management Team for Your Co-op
Josh Winslow

Joshua L. Winslow
CEO/ General Manager

Corey Thurlow

Corey Thurlow, COO

Who We Are

Lisa Fitzgerald, VP,
Financial Services

Who We Are

David Reel, VP, 

Who We Are

Scott Thomas, VP,
Corporate Services

Jordan Overbee, VP,
Engineering & Operations

Who We Are

Donovan Hendricks
Internal Auditor

James Green, Manager of 
Customer Service