What does membership mean?

The cooperative difference

Membership in your local Energy cooperative is a powerful thing.

This means you have an energy source you can trust to look out for your community’s best interests.

Membership Benefits

Energy Efficient Programs & Resources

When you are a part of Brunswick Electric, you’re not just a customer – you’re a member!

Electric cooperatives are independent electricity providers that are owned by the members they serve (that’s you!). They were formed in the mid-1930s to bring at-cost electric service to parts of America where larger, for-profit utilities were reluctant to operate.

Because we are member-owned, we are accountable, service-driven, and do more for our communities than provide electricity. In short, co-ops are designed to put the community’s best interests first.

Since we answer to local members rather than far-away shareholders, we’re more nimble and able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our community. We even share any excess revenue with our members because we’re not-for-profit.

Even though we’re locally-owned and operated, we cooperate with other electric cooperatives across the country to develop new technologies, invest in equipment and infrastructure that benefits multiple co-ops in a region, and assist with major outages. This type of collaboration allows us to address complex challenges while remaining true to our local roots.

Brunswick Electric was built by the community, belongs to the community and continues to be led by the community––that’s the cooperative difference!

Take control of your account with SmartHub®

SmartHub is a tool that allows you to view your electric usage in near real-time, by day, month and year, view and pay your bill, and if you have a prepaid account, purchase power. This tool is free and secure and available on your computer or mobile device.

Take control of your monthly power bill

With our PrePay Power program you pay for your power in advance when you need it. No monthly bill to worry about, no deposit to start service, and no disconnect or reconnect fees if you let your balance run out. And email alerts will let you know when you’re getting low on purchased power.

Improve your home’s efficiency with a Weatherization Loan from BEMC

If you are ready to increase efficiency in your home, but don’t know how to pay for it, BEMC can help. We have been loaning funds to our members since 1989 to help with improvements such as new windows, heat pumps and insulation through this low-interest program.

Cooperative Services

Member Resources

Are you a new member looking for more information about your cooperative?
Need help reading and understanding your BEMC electric bill?
Need information about new residential construction and accessibility of electric meters in a designated flood zone?

Energy Saving Tips & Tools

Learn how to save energy with help from local experts

Our Tips & Tools video series is designed to help you learn how to manage your energy usage, provide helpful safety tips, and offers step-by-step tutorials on some of the simplest projects you can do around your home to possibly save money on your electric bill.

Interested in energy efficiency?

  • Check out our Tips & Tools for information about increasing energy efficiency and saving money on your electric bill.
  • Go to togetherwesave.com for energy-saving information for every part of your home, help to choose the most beneficial projects, how-to videos, and much more.
  • Read your monthly issue of Carolina Country magazine. Your BEMC Member Matters newsletter is in the middle of each issue of the magazine and includes tips to help you save on your energy bill.
  • Visit any BEMC office for booklets about using energy wisely and safely.
Affordable Energy Savings

Providing free resources designed to help you save energy and money

As your local electric cooperative it is our goal to provide you the best value for every kWh purchased. With that goal in mind, we offer multiple resources to help you save energy and money, both from our local experts and through our membership with Touchstone Energy.