Board of Directors

BEMC is owned by its members.

The membership elects the Board of Directors to represent them in the operation of the cooperative. All directors must receive electric service from BEMC, which keeps control in local hands, not far-away shareholders or investors.

The board of directors’ responsibilities include planning and policy oversight, setting your co-op’s long-term objectives, and providing the resources to meet those objectives. Their commitment includes monthly meetings to review progress, make strategic decisions, and stay current on an increasingly complex business.

Your board members work closely with the CEO/GM and senior staff to monitor co-op projects’ results and assure accountability. Each board member represents a specific district but is always concerned with all co-op members’ interest.

  • District 1 – Perry Sellers, Brunswick County
  • District 2 – Deborah Ahlers, Brunswick County
  • District 3 – Moses Herring, Brunswick County
  • District 4 – Glenn Humbert, Brunswick County
  • District 5 – Larry Fowler, Columbus County
  • District 6 – David Gore, Columbus County
  • District 7 – Dan Strickland, Columbus County
  • District 8 – Calvin Duncan, Columbus County
  • District 9 – Frederick Tedder, Columbus County
  • At-Large – John Ward, Brunswick County
2024 Board officers:
  • President – David Gore
  • Vice President – Frederick Tedder
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Larry Fowler
  • Asst. Secretary/Treasurer – Calvin Duncan

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