Weatherization Loans

Does your home need improved energy efficiency?

Since 1989, Rural Consumer Services Corporation (RCSC) has provided qualified members with weatherization loans at a 5% APR to help finance energy efficiency improvements to existing homes and buildings, allowing members to save on energy costs.

To begin the application process, decide what project would make a difference in your home’s energy use. Get started by visiting; this will show your potential energy savings for a variety of projects.

Projects eligible for a Weatherization Loan from RCSC include:
  • New Heat Pump – Minimum 15 SEER rating
  • New Water Heater – Solar or electric
  • Replacement Windows
Insulation – Ceiling, wall, floor and ducts
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Duct Repairs or replacement

How much money can you borrow for your project?

RCSC loans are up to $6,000 for consumer weatherization projects. Payments are generally spread over five years and can be billed with a BEMC monthly energy bill. You may pay off the loan sooner without penalty.

Under RCSC’s Commercial Loan Program, which includes loans for renewable energy projects, members can borrow up to $10,000.

To qualify for a loan, you must own your home, receive an energy bill, and have at least two years of service with good payment history. Approval is based on credit underwriting. UCC statements will be filed, and there are filing fees that will be charged when the Notice of Approval is presented.

The loan process is simple:
    1. 1. Choose a contractor.
    1. 2. Obtain cost estimates.
    1. 3. Complete the loan application and receive status notification within 24 hours.

RCSC Weatherization Loans will not be made to refinance existing obligations or finance the work costs to be done in structures being planned or under construction.


Download an application:

Residential    Commercial (businesses and churches)