Cooperative Outage and Status Texting Alerts 

Brunswick Electric’s new outage text alert program, COAST, provides our members and customers a quick way to report outages and receive outages and status updates through text.

To participate in the new COAST alerts, ensure we have your current mobile number(s) on your BEMC account.

You will receive an initial text confirming enrollment or a link to enroll multiple accounts. Make sure to save 800-682-5309 to your contacts so you can quickly report an outage.

If you are unsure if your mobile number is listed on your account, please call Member Services at 800-842-5871.

The next time you experience a power outage, just text our outage reporting hotline at 800-682-5309 using the following prompts (keywords):

Number to text to communicate about BEMC power outage


Report an outage at the service address associated with mobile number


Request the status of an outage (may not be available during widespread outages)


Cancels participation in COAST alerts


Request information about COAST alerts and a number to call for additional support

For members with multiple accounts, click the link above to register each account with a nickname.




COAST alerts Frequently Asked Questions:

What are COAST alerts?

COAST alerts stand for Cooperative Outage and Status Texting. This service allows members and customers to report power outages and receive outage status via text message.

How do I participate in COAST?

As a convenience, all BEMC accounts with active and valid cell phone numbers will be automatically registered for SMS service.

Members with multiple accounts will receive a link to manually register for SMS services. A nickname will be required if the same mobile number is registered to multiple accounts.

A registration form is also available on our website to register. A nickname will be required if the same mobile number is registered to multiple accounts.

Can we get alerts on each family member's mobile phone?

Yes, you may register as many numbers as needed to receive alerts on the same account.

I have multiple accounts at multiple locations. Can I get alerts about each one on my mobile phone?

Yes, a nickname is required for each location when the same mobile number is registered to multiple accounts.

I have an elderly family member that lives alone. Can I get text notifications from their account?

Yes, with the account holder’s authorization, you may register your mobile number to send and receive alerts for their account.

How do I receive status updates on my account?

To receive a status update on your account, text STATUS to 800-682-5309.

If my estimated restoration time has passed and I am still without power, do I need to report my outage again?

No, if the estimated time of restoration (ETOR) has passed, rest assured that our crews are working to restore your power as quickly and safely as possible. an ETOR is just an estimate and is not a guarantee.