The Ecobee Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

What’s all the buzz about Ecobee Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat? 

BEMC offers our members an Ecobee wi-fi programmable thermostat through a program that measures the real impact a smart thermostat can have on consumer energy savings and utility costs. 

According to research published by Ecobee, Inc., the Ecobee wi-fi programmable thermostat has been proven to save 23 percent on heating and cooling costs in homes. 

The Ecobee is connected in a centralized area of your home, but sensors can be placed in other rooms to ensure equal heating and cooling throughout the house. The Ecobee comes with one additional sensor, but up to 32 sensors may be added. Homeowners can monitor and control the wi-fi connected Ecobee anytime, from anywhere using the mobile app. This gives homeowners with existing wi-fi control of their heating and cooling energy use. The Ecobee is easy to install and hard-wired for reliability and has an auto-detection feature to let you know it is installed correctly. 

BEMC members who wish to participate in the program can purchase an Ecobee from BEMC for $50 for all-electric systems or $100 for dual fuel or gas systems plus sales tax. Regular retail is $249. 

How it works: 

The Ecobee is preloaded to EnergyStar’s recommended settings. BEMC will call for the thermostat to be returned to these settings six to eight times a month for six hours. Participants can override or opt-out of these settings, but their energy savings potential will be less. 

To participate in this program please review the eligibility requirements and complete the Member Participant Agreement. 

For current Ecobee users:
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