Payment Options

Choose the option that fits your lifestyle. Call us if you have questions:

Handi-Pay Automatic Draft
  • Credit Card Draft
  • Bank Draft from savings or checking account

Each month your electric bill is automatically drafted from your bank or credit card company. The hard copy of your bill will read "PAID BY DRAFT". You can set up either option on the telephone or in person at a BEMC office.

Handi-Pay Bank Draft Form
Handi-Pay Credit Card Draft Form

Online Payment and Account Info with SmartHub

Just a click away on our website. On your first visit you'll set up a User ID and password to pay by credit card. Each month after that, simply log on and enter your payment information. Click Here To Pay Online

Credit Card Authorization by Telephone

At any time, you can call in and authorize us to charge the current bill to your credit card. You'll need to supply the name on the card, card number, expiration date and the card code.

Bill Payment Terminals (BPTs)

BPTs are available at 8 locations, including all three BEMC offices. Some are available 24 hours a day, others during hours of business at that location. BPTs accept cash, check or money orders. Bring your bill stub and then simply follow the easy instructions on the touch screen. Click Here for BPT Locations

PowerStat Prepaid Power

BEMC's pay-as-you-go metering program. You purchase power to fit your budget, using it on your PowerStat card at a BPT or BEMC office. The purchase is automatically transfered to a home Display unit. As you use electricity, the amount is automatically deducted from the display unit. When it gets low (starting at 4 days worth remaining) you get a warning signal. PowerStat is a pay-as-you-go system - no deposit required and no monthly bill.

 PowerStat Brochure - English
 PowerStat Brochure - Spanish

Equalized Billing

This program evens out the seasonal variations in your electric bill so that you pay a standard amount each month. This may be set up on one of the automated programs above, be paid by credit card authorization by telephone, or be paid by mail or in person. Equalizer Registration Form (PDF)

By Mail

Please be sure to allow at least five (5) business days for it to reach us.

In Person/Night Depository

Another option is to visit one of our three locations - Supply, Southport/Oak Island or Whiteville, during business hours of 8AM - 5 PM, Mon-Fri and pay your bill at the counter or drive-through window or after hours at the night depository. To avoid waiting in line you may want to use the BPT in the lobby.