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What's New in Energy?


Community Solar projects are in the works at BEMC

link to sign up for Community Solar NewsletterThe trend of establishing community solar farms brings a new dimension to renewable energy, where a private solar system may be out of reach for many people. Among other barriers, solar (PV-photovoltaic) systems can be expensive to install and maintain, so BEMC has recetly built local community solar farm projects in both Brunswick and Columbus counties. Just as co-ops like BEMC brought electricity to rural areas by banding together 75 years ago, the same spirit will drive the creation of community solar farms. 

Community solar is clean local energy for all. It’s for the 75% of residential rooftops that can’t host solar. It’s also for small businesses, schools and local governments that want to get more of their power from the sun while investing dollars back into the community.

How Does Community Solar Work?
BEMC will built the project and is making it possible for individual members to own a stake or subscribe to its energy output. As a subscriber, you receive a credit on your monthly utility bill equal to your share of the power generated by the system. This makes solar energy a more affordable option for more co-op members, and offers these advantages:

  • low cost, one-time fee to participate                                                  
  • no hassling with system maintenance
  • perfect for renters who want to be involved with renewable energy
  • no concern about site suitability, as for an individual residence
  • no red tape with zoning restrictions or homeowners' associations
  • you receive credit for the solar energy generated by your panel(s)

This will be a true partnership between the co-op and participating members, working together toward a cleaner energy future for our area.  More details available soon - watch this space and your monthly "Member Matters" newsletter inside Carolina Country magazine as the project develops.


BEMC Unveils New Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations...



Shallotte, N.C., December 15, 2015

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation (BEMC) recently installed two DC Fast Charger ‘CarPower’ electric vehicle charging stations in their service area.  There are fewer than a dozen in North Carolina, and they can charge an electric vehicle in approximately 20- 30 minutes compared to the 4 to 6 hours it takes using a standard Level 2 charger, which can be found in Wilmington and North Myrtle Beach.

BEMC CarPower’s northern location was recently installed in Brunswick Forest, on property near the development’s entrance and Port City Java. CarPower’s southern location is at Callahan’s of Calabash.  These fast charging stations are the result of the collaboration between BEMC, the manufacturer SigNet, and Nissan – North America.  Nissan is looking to expand its charger infrastructure and asked the electric cooperative to place them in well- traveled Brunswick County locations.

“We are delighted to be able to offer this to our members and the general public, and BEMC is pleased that Nissan chose us to partner in this venture,” said Monte Herring, Manager of Distributive Generation/Renewable Energy at Brunswick Electric. “We’re always working on ways to provide access to the latest in energy trends and technologies.  This is really special because DC Fast Chargers are somewhat scarce, and EV drivers love them because they can fully recharge a vehicle in less time.”

In June, Brunswick Electric hosted a free electric vehicle workshop in association with Advanced Energy at its headquarters in Supply. Attendees learned how electric vehicles work and the benefits of having electric vehicles in the community. Since plug-in electric vehicles were introduced in 2011, every major auto manufacturer is now developing or selling a plug-in model. More than 300,000 vehicles have been purchased across the United States.


Article:  What is it like to own and drive an electric vehicle?   



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