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Report a Power Outage


OUTAGE REPORTING: 1-800-682-5309

When you call BEMC's automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system it immediately reports your outage to our Outage Maintenance System (OMS).  We realize most people prefer to speak to a live body, but our IVR can handle more calls and report outages more efficiently and promptly to our OMS.

 How your call is processed:

  1. Phone number: the location of your outage can be identified immediately by the phone number we have associated with your physical address.  If you are not calling from the outage location phone, when prompted, enter the phone number of the location where your outage is occurring.  This can be a landline number or cell phone number.
  2. Service location address: use the house number of your physical address.  The OMS will repeat your street that it associates with your house number. If there are multiple streets with your house number listed, listen carefully and select your street address.

Once your location has been verified our IVR will tell you “Your Outage has been Reported”.  Our Control Center Technicians will then start BEMC’s restoration process.

*** Please keep BEMC advised of the correct telephone contact number for the physical address of your service location - do this whenever there is a change! You can update your information 24/7 using the SmartHub link, or during business hours, Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm, by calling 800-842-5871. 

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